Menu á la carte

MONDAY - FRIDAY /4:00PM - 9:30PM

SATURDAY - SUNDAY / 11:00AM - 9:30PM


100g / 200g Veal tartare with mail egg, green salad, toast (1,3,10)

150 CZK / 300 CZK


Duck paté wrapped in bacon, apricot chutney, brioche  (1,3,7)

105 CZK




Soup of the day…

65 CZK




Gratinated green asparagus with grenaille potatoes, wine foam, poached egg and parmegiano (3,7)

155 CZK


Green salad, grilled mushrooms, grenaille potatoes, sweet peas, green asparagus, bacon chips / poached egg (3,10)

165 CZK


Grilled vegetable (7)

105 CZK


Filet of pike pearch grilled on butter, creamy risotto with green asparagus and citrus fruits (7)

265 CZK


Turkey steak, cous-cous with mix of spring vegetable and mediterranean pesto ( (1)

185 CZK


BBQ chicken drumsticks, baked cherry tomatoes, green salad, roasted potatoes (1,6,10)

170 CZK


Veal schnitzel with bitter potatoe puree, mix of pickled vegetable (1,3,7,10)

260 CZK


Beef steak with potatoe ragout with dried tomatoes and broccoli, tarragon demi glace sauce (7)

285 CZK


Beef burger

1)      with plum – black pepper sauce,bacon…

2)      with spicy salsa, jalapeňos and cheddar…

…caramelized onion, roasted potatoes, green salad (1,7,10)

190 CZK


Boned pork knuckle baked with dark beer and honey, grenaille potatoes, mustard seeds, horseradish (1,10)

195 CZK


Pork tenderloin sous-vide wrapped in bacon, grenaille potatoes, baby spianch with garlic – sour cream dip (7,9)

225 CZK




Dessert of the day…